Vista Essentials Printer Compatibility


Printing- Essentials currently is capable of printing to many USB and Network connected printers.  Unlike a Microsoft Windows-based operating system that uses pre-loaded drivers to allow printing operations, the Essentials operating system uses printer specific printer apps that function in a manner similar to drivers but must be loaded into Essentials. 

Currently Essentials is delivered preloaded with apps for the following printers. User can load printer drivers to Essentials through Workspace menu/Diagnostics/Advanced/Printer Drivers. The current android system for Vista is 4.4.2. 

Of the printers listed we have found that the HP is the only brand that has worked consistently for all models tested using both USB and Ethernet connectivity.  We have not been able to test all of the supported brands but will try to test as many as possible as we progress.  At the date of this article publication, we can say with certainty that HP Laser Jet printers work both in direct USB connection and Ethernet.  We have tested a number in the series 400 and 700 product family.  We will be happy to answer specific questions from customers as they arise.

NOTE: Vista does not support printing to the ColorFlex EZ and MiniScan EZ printers. (A13-1014-259 - USB Thermal Printer)

Essentials Printer Support

1. HP (Successfully Tested for both USB and Ethernet connectivity)


2. Canon  (The remaining printer families are currently under test.  Some specific manufacturer models may not be supported.)


3. Epson


4. Konica Minolta


5. Kyocera


6. Lexmark


7. Samsung


8. Sharp


9. Xerox


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