Using Port Plate larger than Illuminated Area LSXE


Question: What is the effect on results when I standardize using a smaller view than my port plate?


We do allow undersampling the view, so you can standardize in the 0.5" view and measure with either the 0.7", 1.20" or 2.0" port plates.

Please understand that their is a distinct difference between area of illumination and area of Measurement, they are never equal. Then consider that the software screens were designed by Marketing and not by Engineering. When you select the 1.75" View in the software you are specifying the area being illuminated. The port plate on which you positon your sample has an opening that is slightly larger than the illuminated area. The LabScan XE uses the following

Illumination Area / Measured Area (Port Plate opening)

1.75" / 2.00"

1.00" / 1.20"

0.50' / 0.70"

0.25" / 0.40"

The software allows you to use a larger measured area, but for opaque products this will likely cause lower L* values to be reported. Using a larger measured area is typically down when measuring translucent products to capture the lateral light diffusion inside of the sample.

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