New ASCII design in EZMQC Version 4.92


We have changed the design of ASCII Configuration dialog in EZMQC Ver 4.92.

In previous version, users have to configure all the color scales, color indices, Text fileds, Procedure, and spectra data in ASCII Export Configuration dialog. 


From Version 4.92, no more configuration on color scales, color indices, text fields, and procedures in ASCII Export Configuration. Users only need to configure the spectra data in the ASCII Export Configuration dialog if they need the spectra. All other data, Color indices, color indices, text fields, and procedures are exported if they are displayed in Color Data Table view.


Please note:

If you are doing the ASCII Export in EZMQC 4.92 and above, after ASCII setup and at the beginning of exporting data into a file, do not change the color data table view otherwise the exported data will be changed as well. 

If you export the formula field the latest measurement must be always showed in the bottom line of CDT view. To ensure that, please check: No "Latest data First" option applied in CDT configuration; and No samples on the top of job tree if you use standards in that job. 

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