Measuring hot oils/fats in Vista


Many customers have asked us why we do not have the heating unit in Visa for LOVIBOND®/AOCS RY measurements. Unlike PFXi instruments, Vista does not need the heating unit inside for common food oils and fats.

If sample is required to measure at temperature higher than room temperature (e.g to melt fats), 25mm Vials with Cap can be used. Generally, fill the sample in the vial and keep it in a water bath. Then take it out and place it into the vial holder for a quick measurement in Vista. We have tested this and the repeatability is very well. 

Compared to PFXi instruments, 

*Quick measurment:  Vista only take couple seconds to finish one measurement instead of half minute compared to PFXi. 

*Easy sample preparation: Vista can measure sample in vial directly instead of pouring sample out to a 133.35mm (5.25'') glass cell. 


Here is the other article about LOVIBOND RY and AOCS RY in Vista,

 "LOVIBOND" is a registered trademark of the tintometer Ltd., UK.

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    Henri V. Debar

    Hi Ping, Can you please tell me the exact reference of the vial ? Thank you