Aeros - Software download - Update Aeros Essentials software


Attached, please check the latest Aeros Essentials software Rev 1.03.0074.


Steps to update Essentials in Aeros:

  1. Check the current Essentials Version in Aeros, please go to Jobs>About. You can update Essentials if there is any newer version posted here. 
  2. Download the Essentials software (.apk file) to the root folder of a flash drive.
  3. Turn on the Aeros and place the flash drive in USB port on the front of the instrument.
  4. Open the Jobs > About menu and press Update to continue. After the update, open Essentials and it might prompt to enter or create an Administrator Account.  If needed, you can edit this account in User Manager later.
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    Ping Wang

    Updated on 11/20/2018

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    Ping Wang

    Rev60 is updated at 12/05/2018

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    Ping Wang

    Rev70 is updated at 07/24/2019