Custom Indices in Vista Essentials


Custom Indices in Color Scales/Indices is the major implementation in Vista Essentials 1.04.0056 and above:

1. Through Custom Indices, users can create modified-pathlength indices as well as add transmittance data into indices list.

         * Indices available for pathlength modification are APHA, ASBC, ASTM D1500, Chinese Acid Wash Color, EBC, EP, FAC, Gardner, Iodine, JP, Saybolt, USP. After these custom indices are created, they will be showed in Bias Configuration list so that user can do bias and gains on these new indices.

        * Any transmittance/absorbance data from 400nm to 700nm can be added into indices list. The added Transmittance index will not be listed in the Bias Configuration dialog.  (Note: Absorbance is available in Vista Essentials Rev 1.06.0079 and above)


Please note:

  • The configured pathlength can be any number between 0-100 with maximum one decimal.
  • Due to the implementation of custom indices feature, most indices names have been changed compared to the names in Vista Essentials 1.03.0045. If any old index name is found in different format to the new, index will not be calculated. In such case, please go to Color Scales/Indices and ‘Apply’ to update the list of indices.
  • The custom indices can only be the ones that not listed in the default indices list. E.g. if user try to create APHA 10mm in custom indices dialog, Essentials won’t allow this since this index already exist in the default indices list.  

2. Scale factors of LOVIBOND®/AOCS/ICUMSA 420/ICUMSA 560 can be adjusted in custom indices dialog.

LOVIBOND®/AOCS cell pathlength, instead of only 5 pathlength options in dropdown list, can be entered with any number between 0-100 with maximum one decimal.

For ICUMSA 420 and ICUMSA 560, the density (g/ml) and weight%(g/g) need to be configured for accurate ICUMSA calculation. Density (g/ml) should be from 0.5-2. Weight% (g/g) should be from 1-100.


 “LOVIBOND”  is a registered trademark of The Tintometer Ltd, UK.   

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