ICUMSA 420nm and ICUMSA 560nm in Vista


Note: In Vista Essentials 1.04.0056 and above, ICUMSA 420nm and ICUMSA 560nm are added into the list of color indices. If you have Vista Essentials before 1.04.0056, please download the latest Vista Essentials .apk file from here and install it in your Vista.

In the default Indices list, user can find ICUMSA 420-10mm and ICUMSA 560-10mm. 


Before using ICUMSA 420/560, please enter the right weight% and density (g/ml) of the sample in Custom Indices. Density (g/ml) should be from 0.5-2. Weight% (g/g) should be from 1-100. Degrees brix is the % w/w of soluble solids in a solution. E.g, for Brix50 solution the weigth% is 50. User can find the density of sugar solution with different brix degree in a lookup table. 


If user prefers to use the other path length instead of 10mm, please go to "Custom indices" to add ICUMSA 420/560 in other path length. Path length can be any number between 0-100mm. 


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