EZMQC sentinel key activation on Win 10


If you have EZMQC Version 4.93 and before, the sentinel key would not work when you use it in Win10 build 1803 and above. We have fix this in EZMQC 4.94 and above while we do recommend all of our customer using EZMQC softkey if they have EZMQC 4.88 and above. 

Here are couple options to solve this:

* If you have EZMQC 4.88 and above, we recommend you to replace the sentinel key with softkey. If you could not find your softkey, please contact us through support@hunterlab.com

* If you have EZMQC between 4.86-4.88, we can provide you the EZMQC upgrade together with the softkey. If you do not want to change the EZMQC version, we can provide the updated dll file  to fix this EZMQC sentinel key problem in windows 10 build 1803 and above.

*If  you have EZMQC 4.86 and below, please contact us support@hunterlab.com for EZMQC upgrade. 


Attached, please check the updated Esdkey.dll. This DLL is updated to use the latest Sentinel SuperPro Client Library (Ver7.1.0.12) which is compatible with Windows 7 and above (including Windows 10 version 1803). 

Follow the steps here to activate this new Esdkey.dll in your windows system:  

  1. Replace the existing ‘EsdKey.dll’ file in the folder location ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab’.(If it is 64 bit system go to the folder location ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab’ ).
  2. Go to Start and type cmd, then right click on cmd and click on ‘Run as Administrator’.


     3. Type "cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab" and press Enter. (If it is 64 bit operating system use the path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab”). Then type “regsvr32 ESDKey.dll” and press enter. Now the EsdKey.dll will be registered successfully. 







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