What do you do when your Essentials-based instrument freezes at the boot screen?


When the Boot Screen freezes you may see two possible screens. 

1) A blank HunterLab boot screen.  Or

2) a HunterLab boot screen with the message “6x_bootscript not found”.  In either case, it is telling us that boot process is not finding the boot script to load the Operating System and subsequently Essentials.


There are a number of possible reasons this could occur but the most likely are:

  1. Defective mircoSD card
  2. Software mismatch between SBC (Computer) hardware and Operating System version.

What to do?

First, makes sure that the microSD card is properly seated in the card socket.  Power system down and remove and replace microSD card.  Re-apply power.  If it still does not work, please check the following steps. 

If Android can boot up correctly with a SD card inside before, it means that the SD card gets corrupted by some reasons, like Vista is shut down suddenly when the system still have something running. Please contact support@hunterlab.com, provide us your instrument serial number and ship back the corrupted SD card to us. We can help you to recover the data from the corrupted SD card in our office and then send you a new SD card with the recovered data. We can also email you the recovered data, and then you can import all recovered jobs by Job menu/Data Management/Job/Import, or simply apply restore (Job menu/Data Management/Backup & Restore) to replace current Hunterlab folder in your new SD card with the recovered one.  

If android has never boot up successfully with the SD card inside before and shows "Bootscript not found" error, you probably have a wrong SD card version. Please contact support@hunterlab.com and provide your Vista serial number. We will send you the right version SD card. 


Can I update the microSD card in the field?

You can update the microSD card in the field but it will require that you get the proper OS build and Essentials software version.  You will also need a software tool to write the image to the microSD card.  Because the complete image is approximately 4GB, it is likely the file will be “zipped” to make it easier to transport.  Thus you will also need an “unzipping” tool to extract the compressed SD card image before writing it to the microSD card.


Here is a list of what you need:

  • Correct OS Build and Essentials software version to match the serial number of the instrument. Contact https://support.hunterlab.com .
  • File Extraction tool (unzip tool) Links: 7_Zip x64 or 7_Zip x32 (Download and Extract compressed files to your PC)
  • MicroSD card imaging tool  Link: win32diskimager-1.0.0 (Download and Extract compressed files to your PC)
  • MicroSD card 4GB or higher (Note: If microSD card has been previously used, it will need to be reformatted with all of the existing partitions removed, otherwise, the card cannot be written to. WARNING: If you are not familiar with disk partitioning, please consult qualified individual.  Selecting the wrong drive could wipe unintended drives.) Partition Tool Link: MiniTool Partition Wizard www.partitionwizard.com
  • Windows-based PC SD/microSD card slot or compatible external SD card reader to run programs required to burn microSD card.


Getting Started:

  1. Download the recommend software version from the HunterLab site (Location provided upon request).
  2. Extract downloaded software to location that is accessible by the device that you will use to write the downloaded image to your microSD card.
  3. Obtain a microSD card, 4GB minimum.  If the card has been previously formatted, you will need to format the card (FAT) and remove all partitions.  If you do not complete this step, the new image cannot be written. Use tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard (see above).  Repeat step 3, if card fails to format or partitions persist.
  4. Write new image to microSD card using tool such as Win32 diskimager (see above).  Repeat step 4 if image write is not successful.  Replacement of microSD card may be necessary if write process repeatably fails. Once write is successful, insert card in instrument card socket. 
  5. Power up system.

 For further assistance contact http://support.hunterlab.com

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