What to do when Essentials-based instrument freezes at the boot screen


Some customers have reported that Essentials-based instrument freezes and could not boot up successfully.

First, makes sure that the microSD card is properly seated in the card socket.  Power system down and remove and replace microSD card.  Re-apply power.  If it still does not work, please check the following steps.

If instrument can boot up correctly with a SD card inside before, it means that the SD card gets corrupted by some reasons, like Vista is shut down suddenly when the system still have something running. Please contact support@hunterlab.com, provide us your Vista serial number and ship back the corrupted SD card to us. We can help you to recover the data from the corrupted SD card in our office and then send you a new SD card with the recovered data. We can also email you the recovered data, and then you can import all recovered jobs by Job menu/Data Management/Job/Import, or simply apply restore (Job menu/Data Management/Backup & Restore) to replace current Hunterlab folder in your new SD card with the recovered one.  

If Instrument has never boot up successfully with the SD card inside before and shows "Bootscript not found" error, you probably have a wrong SD card version. Please contact support@hunterlab.com and provide your Vista serial number. We will send you the right version SD card. 



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