EasyMatchQC-ER Event Log Missing/Empty


Case A: Empty event log in EZMQC ER. If there is no event saved under Event Viewer/Application and services logs/EZMQC while there are EZMQC ER- relative events saved in Event Viewer/Windows. The event source details are probably not completely registered during EZMQC ER installation. (Please check detail in the attached document for this case)

The event source details are created by the EZMQC-ER CFR server(Esd21CFRPart11Server) service which runs with system privileges. If this CFR service is not registered as service due to some unknown reasons, the server runs with logged in user privileges which may not be having sufficient privileges to create the event source details in the registry. In such case where event source registration is incomplete, the event logs will be recorded in the “Window Logs” section in the system.

 To resolve this, the CFR Server needs to be registered as service using the below procedure:

Step 1: Close the EZMQC-ER application if running, then open the Task Manager and verify “Esd21CFRPart11ServerModule” is running. If it is running then end this task by clicking on EndTask button. 

Step 2: Open command prompt with administrative privileges and type “cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab”(for 32 bit system) or “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab”(for 64bit System) and press enter.

Step 3: Type “Esd21CFRPart11Server.exe /service” and press enter. (This will register the service.)

Step 4: Type “net start Esd21CFRPart11Server” and press enter. (This will start the service.)

Alternatively, navigate to the folder location “C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab” then invoke the “EZMQC_Server_Start.exe” with Admin privileges to register and start the “Esd21CFRPart11Server” service.

 Now the event source details will be saved into registry, event logs will be recorded in “EasyMatchQC” under “Applications and Services Logs” section and as well as in the EZMQC-ER application.”


Case B: When view event log in EZMQC ER, this "Populating event log. Please wait......" dialog keeps running and no event log is showing in EZMQC ER.  However, there are events saved under Event Viewer/Application and services logs/EZMQC. In this case, please go to services and make sure that windows event log service and Esd21CFRPart11Server are running. Then start EZMQC ER to check the event log again. 

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