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Attached, please check the latest Agera Essentials software Rev 1.01.0058.


Note: If you have Agera instruments with serial number <130, please contact us first before upgrading Agera Essentials. The green tile has assigned with color value by UV excluded mode in some Agera instruments (Serial No. <130). We need to re-assign green tile by UV nominal mode then you can do Essentials upgrade. 


Major changes in Rev1.01.0058:

1. Repeatability and Green Tile Diagnostics are run by 1'' UV nominal mode instead of 1'' UV excluded mode. 

  Note: For AGR with serial#00132 and lower, we might still assign the green tile value by 1'' UV excluded mode. For these units, we need to update the green tile target and provide the new green tile label and data sheet. Please contact us if you have any of these units.  1'' UV  nominal mode is applied in diagnostics tests of Agera Essentials (Rev 1.00.0055 and above) and EZMQC/QC-ER (Rev 4.95.03 and above).

2. Removed "Camera Preview" from the tool bar. Added the shortcut of "Recall standard" in the tool bar. 

3.  Added a feature to generate CSV format file in the folder “hunterlab_agera/csv”, immediately on saving the job and diagnostics tests. Whenever the job is saved, the CSV file will be updated. User can email/export .csv files through Data Management. 

4. Added Opacity index. ‘Opacity’ calculation is implemented along with Difference, Biased Index and Difference for Biased Index. It will prompt to place Black Glass and White Tile backing for each sample, if ‘Opacity’ index is selected. That means for each reading, two measurements are taken. As this measurement requires user intervention, for ‘Continuous Reading’ and ‘Diagnostics’, only one measurement is taken, thus the ‘Opacity’ will not be calculated and it is displayed as ‘0’ . Also, If the standard is Numeric type, the Opacity is not calculated and hence the difference Opacity calculation is not available.

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    Updated Rev58 at 7/25/2019