How do I connect VISTA to a Computer through a Wireless Access Point?


Method #4:

  • Hardware needed:

Ethernet cable plugged into the back of the Vista, Wireless Access Point, Micro-USB port for powering wireless access point




  • Description of Configuration:

This configuration uses the wireless Access Point to provide connectivity from a PC. The wireless Access Point uses DHCP to assign an IP address to the Vista. Once the Access Point is powered on and connected to the Vista, the power on the Vista needs to be cycled in order for the Vista to receive the IP address from the Access Point. The PC will need to discover the SSID for the Access Point and then connect to that Access Point.

  • Instructions:
  1. Connect AP (Access Point) to Vista using Ethernet cable.
  2. Power on the wireless access point after connecting it to power source.
  3. From the computer, find the wireless AP and connect. e.g. SSID: TP-LINK_......
  4. If using the TPLink AP pictured in item #2, From browser, login to TPLINK AP using PC. (Note: Device must be plugged into PC prior to using this link)

username: admin

password: admin

Configure AP setting: Mode: AP

Address Type: DHCP



  • Connect to a hotspot through the WiFi Connection:


Note: This option only works for VTS00388 and above. All Vistas below this serial number do not have WiFi ability built-in. Also, WiFi network option is only available for Vista Essentials Rev 1.05 and above.

a.     To connect Vista to network, go to Essentials, Workspaces> Preferences and select Config Network Settings.

b.     Select Configure WiFi Settings and the WiFi configuration dialog will be prompted.

c.      Search and connect to the available WiFi and write down the IP address showing in this dialog. After the WiFi configuration, please click the floating Back Button to go back to Essentials app.

To export data:

  • Go back to Workspace > Preferences and select Auto Network Data Export Measurement using a check and select Config Choose Vista as Server and Port number as 11111. You can also choose a delimiter to mark your data.
  • Configure the terminal program such as Hyper terminal in the computer with the following settings.
  • Set the computer as the client.
  • Enter the IP address of Vista which is recorded in step 1 above
  • Put the port number as 11111
  • After all the setting, you should be ready to get the data exported from Vista to the computer

To connect to EasyMatch QC

  • Open EasyMatch QC and go to Sensor > Add Sensor and select Vista. Select Ethernet and check the box to Discover and Select a Sensor in the Network and then click Search to do an automatically searching.
  • There will be a drop-down list of all available Vista sensors.


  • If the sensor in the list including IP address as well as sensor name, then it is connectable. If the sensor in the list with “??????” instead of sensor name, it means that EZMQC can find the VISTA, while VISTA is not free to connect to EZMQC. If you meet this problem, you can restart VISTA and click Search Also, you can go to Vista Essentials, Workspace > Diagnostics > Advanced, click Restart Comm to have Vista communications available, and then go back to EasyMatch QC and click search again. Restart Comm is available in Vista Essentials Rev 21 and higher. Please download our latest Vista Essentials in our support website.


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