Cleaning Instructions for White Standard Tile for Agera, Aeros, SpectraTrend HT


Handling, Care and Cleaning of Instrument Standard.

The White Standard is an optical coating and should be handled in much the same way as other optical surfaces. Although the material is very durable, care should be taken to prevent contaminants such as finger oils from contacting the material’s surface.  If the surface appears lightly soiled, it may be air brushed with a jet of clean dry air.  For heavier soil, the material can be cleaned by scrubbing with a soft brush under running water. Blow dry with clean air or allow the material to air dry. If the material is heavily stained, soak with either an extremely mild mix of soap and water, 5% white distilled vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Then run under water while scrubbing with a soft brush. Always keep tiles in the Standards box when not in use.

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