HunterLab File Service Package --- Backup/restore data from Vista to a PC through network


In previous Essentials, Backup/Restore can only be done through a thumb drive attached in front USB port of Vista. Thumb drive is restricted in some customer sites and users prefer to save data into their network drive directly. We have implemented a file service which provides the network storage facility for Essentials-VISTA to backup/restore the File/Folder. 

To get this feature, user needs to install the file service and has the Essentials version above Rev 1.06.0079.

1  Steps to configure HunterLab File Service

Step1: Install the attached installation package files into a networked PC.

Step2: Run the executable ‘FileServiceInstaller.exe’ and follow the guided steps to complete the installation process.

Step3: After installation a shortcut for ‘HunterLab File Service Config Tool’ will be created on Desktop.

Step4: Double click on the shortcut ‘HunterLab File Service Config Tool’, and then a Configuration dialog will be displayed as shown below.


Step5: In the above Configuration dialog, select the ‘Root Folder’ by clicking on ‘Browse’ button. The Essentials Backup will be stored in the configured Root Folder path.

Step6: Enter the Port Number for the network File service. (Note: a) Make sure that the configured port number must be added to Exceptions in the firewall; b) The configured port number in the server must be same at the client side (Essentials-VISTSA).)

Step7: Click on ‘Apply’ button. The File service will be restarted with the new settings.

  2  Client Side (Essentials VISTA side)

In Vista Essentials, navigate to job menu and select ‘Data Management’ and then select ‘Backup/Restore’ option, then ‘Select Action’ dialog will be displayed. The ‘Select Action’ dialog normally contains the options to ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’. The user can choose the media between ‘USB Drive’ or ‘Network Storage’. When ‘USB Drive’ option is selected, the Backup and Restore operations will be performed into the USB flash drive plugged into the system.  When ‘Network Storage’ option is selected, the Backup and Restore operations are performed into a network folder of the specified system where the ‘HunterLab File Service’ is installed.

4.png                    2.png                                                  Step1: Click on ‘Network Storage Settings’ Button. In the next screen enter the IP address and port number of ‘HulterLab File Service’.


Step2: Click on ‘Test Connection’ button to verify the connectivity to the ‘HunterLab File Service’.

Step3: Click ‘Apply’ button to save the settings. The saved network settings will be used for the Network Backup and Restore operations.

Step4: After successful configuration of network settings, Click ‘Backup’/'Restore' option in Network storage mode, to perform the complete backup/restore of ‘HunterLab’ folder between Essentials-Vista and the specified network server’s folder.



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