Battery Recommendation for the MSEZ


What batteries are recommended for the MSEZ instrument?

The batteries supplied with MSEZ were selected because they meet 3 requirements;

  1. They have a minimum capacity, or they can hold a given amount of energy.   ie now they are 2600mA in capacity.  This allows for an acceptable number of flashes before they need to be replaced.
  2. They are rechargeable.  We supply a charger as well.  Many standard non-rechargeable batteries may work too but this can get expensive.
  3. They have a minimum internal resistance.  This is very important for a MSEZ and why other batteries cause the instrument to display “FFFFF” or behave erratically.  What happens when “poor” quality batteries or batteries with high internal resistance is the following.  During the charge cycle of the lamp capacitor, the high internal resistance of the battery causes a voltage drop across the batteries.  This results in the voltage supplied to the internal microprocess to fall below the minimum specification to keep it running and resets the microprocessor.  When this happens the processor temporarily loses track of what it was doing and displays a “FFFFF” error on the screen.
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