LSXE Replacement White Tile

o install the replacement white tile, complete the following steps:


1.  Log onto the system using an account that has administrator privileges.


2.  Connect the instrument identified on the CD-ROM to a suitable port on the PC.


3.  Insert the CD-ROM into a CD-ROM drive on the PC.  If your system is set up to automatically run programs from the CD, then the installation of the S/W will start and you may skip to step 6.  Otherwise, continue with Step 4.


4.  Click on the Windows Start button and select Run from the command list.


5.  Type D:\setup > Enter.  If your CD-ROM drive is assigned a designation other than drive D, use that letter in

     place of D.


6.  Once the installation completes, leave the CD-ROM inserted in the drive, ensure that the instrument is

      turned-on and then run the White Tile Replacement S/W from the Windows Start menu.


7.  Go to:  C:/Programfiles/hunterlab/whitetilereplacement.

                 Run "whiteinstall.exe"

                 Click "white tile" in dialogue.

                 Click Download. The White tile value will be loaded into the instrument.


       Note:  You must have the CD-ROM in the drive with the following files before you can proceed: 


                                whitetile.txt for the specific instrument



8.  When finished, standardize the instrument using the new white tile and verify that the instrument can measure

     its diagnostic check tile within spec.