D25LT calibrating touchscreen

Touchscreens are calibrated from the installed screen, no additional software or computer needed. Note that the instructions are different depending on whether you are using a Wind98 or WinXP Operating system. Instructions for both are shown below

Win98 OS

Exit to OS

Start| Settings| Control Panel| Touch Panel at this point double click on the Touch Panel icon, then select the Calibration Tab.

Check that Use onboard EEProm to store calibration is checked, choose 9 or 20 point calibration and select Com2 to communicate, then touch the Calibration Now button and follow instructions on the screen.


Exit to OS

Select the PM icon on menu bar. this opens the Pen Mount Control Panel. Select Tab1 Calibrate>Standard Calibration. Follow prompts on screen to complete calibration.

Source for HunterLab D25Lt Disposable Polystyrene Petri Dish

Source for D25Lt Disposable Polystyrene Petri Dish used to measure Ground Spices, Spice Blend Powders or Seasoning Mixes 

This tissue culture dish fits in the top of the grooved D25Lt Spice Blend Holder. Its use reduces the amount of spice blend or seasoning mix required for a color measurement.

HunterLab has these dishes available as CMR-2974 but they can also be purchased from the following outside source:

Fisherbrand sterilized, disposable, clear polystyrene Petri dish (100-mm diameter x 15-mm high) available from Fisher Scientific www.fishersci.com (Fisher Sci Catalogue number 08-757-12)

Only the top half of the dish is used to hold ground spices and spice blends measured on the D25Lt. A fixed quantity of spice blend is piled into the center of the plastic dish so that it mounds in the center.

A metal spatula is then used to rake the spice blend level with the top of the dish. The flat surface of the spice blend is presented at the D25Lt in the port down orientation.

The dish is automatically centered in the D25LT Holder Bracket with the sensor in the Port Down configuration. The dish is centered at the port such that a 95-mm (3.75 in) diameter area of the spice sample is measured within this 100 mm (4 in) diameter spice holder. These dishes can be re-used multiple times and washed as needed.

D25LT Connecting to a Computer

Connecting to a computer

What is the Difference between D25LT Gen 1 and D25LT Gen2

This is the first of a number of topics related to the D25LT "Generation 1"  versus D25LT "Generation 2" design and performance.


D25LT Generation 1 vs D25LT Generation 2 systems. 

There are some distinct difference between the Gen1 and Gen2 systems that differentiate the two products.


The D25LT Gen1 system is based on the Win98 operating system and employs a main computer board that support the Win98 OS.  Additionally due to the lack of video touch screen support with the Win98 OS, there is additional hardware at the Video display to support the touch interface. 


The D25LT Gen2 systems upgraded the operating system to WinXP and also upgraded the main computer board to support WinXP and XP features.  XP functionality also includes native USB support and video touch screen interface.  Changes were made to the original Gen1 hardware to take advantage of the XP capabilities.


Additional electronic component and board changes were also made as appropriate but contributed to a lesser extend to the overall upgrade differences between the units.  The core optical systems and overall mechanical of the D25LT remained unchanged. 


Please refer to Service Manuals http://www.hunterlab...service-manual/ for more technical detail on the two models.


D25LT Format the Memory Stick

1.From the START menu, select Run.

2.Type in CMD and press OK. This will open a DOS box.

3.Connect the USB memory stick to an available USB slot in the computer.

4.Select START > My Computer and locate the USB memory stick in the Devices with Removable Storage section. Note the drive that is assigned to the USB memory stick. In the example below , note that drive is (E).

5.Close this window and return to the DOS box.

 For more instruction, please refer to the following link:

https://www.dropbox....emory stick.doc

D25LT Lamp DAC

The lamp at the bottom of the screen will indicate what if any action should be taken concerning the lamp.  Lamp adjustment is needed when the Y value for the blue and yellow tiles when the values have shifted +/- 0.3 units in opposite directions.  Lamp adjustment must also be done when the lamp is changed or when you begin to use an alternate white standard.

For more information on how to adjust the lamp DAC see the link below: