Initial Contact for Instrument Service

In the Search Box above, type in keywords to try and find if there is any articles that may allow you to solve your problem.  

If you can't find the information then please click on the "Create a Support Request" box above to describe any problem that you may be having with your Instrument. Please list your model number and serial number on the request. This automatically creates a service request that will be reviewed by our Technical staff.

We will look at the description of the problem and determine if it needs to be sent to a Service Center or if it can be repaired by sending easy to replace parts.


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SRO Request - (Service Repair Order)

If it is determined that your unit must be sent to a Service center, you will be issued an SRO Number (Service Request Order).

We need to have all details such as serial number, model number, description of problem, and approximate shipping date.

You will be given the address to ship your instrument to one of our Global Service Centers.

Please make sure the the SRO# appears on the shipping documents and also on the outside of the Shipping Box.

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Shipping Boxes

HunterLab instruments should be shipped in the box that it originally shipped in.  They are specially designed and molded to cradle the instrument and to minimize any shipping damage.

If you don't have yours, one can be purchased and shipped to your location.

(see )

Please save your original box.

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Service Estimate

Once HunterLab determines the problem with your intrument, a Repair Estimate will be sent to you.

Please fill out the form and return to Hunterlab along with a P.O. (Purchase Order) number.


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Additional Information

If there is something else you would like to know, please click on the "Create a Support Request" button above.