DQNB License Key Activation Error
User Case: The Digital Quality Notebook (DQNB) cannot activate my license key and it shows the error "Failure to Activate the License Key."
This problem can occur when DQNB Client is installed in the system where EasyMatch QC is already installed as well.  EasyMatch QC uses a different version of the license service (Hlsksvc.exe) than DQNB.
Please follow the below steps to resolve this issue.
1)      Go to “Services” and stop “Hlsksvc” service, if found and running.
2)      Start Command Prompt with Admin Privileges.
3)      In CMD window, enter the command “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab” to change to the directory.
4)      Enter “Hlsksvc.exe /unregserver” at the prompt and press <ENTER>. This will unregister the existing license service.
5)      Enter the command “C:\Program Files (x86)\HunterLab\DQNB Client” to change the directory.
6)      Now, enter the command “HLsksvc.exe /service” to register the license service.
Now, DQNB Client can activate the license.

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The DQNB Crashes when I click on "Generate Document"

Q: The DQNB Client Tool crashes after I click on "Generate Document" without any prompted error message. What is the cause of this crash? 

There are some situations where the DQNB Client Tool Version 1.1.10 crashes while in the process of document generation without any prompt.

While debugging it is observed that, the application was updated to use the latest API call (SaveAs2), which was not supported in MSWord2007. Now, this issue is fixed and the API call is updated to be compatible with Word2007, 2010 and 2016.

 Initially, our development and test systems were installed with Word2007 and the initial Client Tool releases were tested with Word2007. After upgrading to Word2010/2016 in the systems, the application was not able to be tested in Word2007 and this issue could not be identified. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 Also, Word2007, by default does not support PDF file generation. It needs an add-in to be installed separately. Whereas Word2010 and above inherently support PDF generation without any add-in. We are looking to detect and install the plug-in automatically in Word2007.


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Digital Quality Notebook (DQNB) Installation

Installing the Client Tool For Digital Quality Notebook (DQNB)

  1. Place the thumb drive into the computer that will be attached to the instrument and find the file labeled, InstallClientTool. Click on this file and the Installation Wizard will display the following:


  1. Press START. The installer will guide you the installation of the Client Tool. At the bottom of the Welcome screen, click NEXT.


  1. Select the installation folder through BROWSE and install for EVERYONE. Press NEXT when ready.



  1. The installation of the Client Tool is complete. Please click CLOSE to exit.

 Install the Database Engine.

  1. The installation will automatically continue. If multiple security warning windows are displayed on your screen, then click on RUN to continue.



  1. Installation is complete. Click OK.



  1. Select FINISH.

Note: If you see the following error during the installation, cancel the installation first, then do the following steps:

-Install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable (32-bit version) into the PC. You can download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from Microsoft website, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13255

-Run DQNB installation. You can ignore the following error during DQNB installation at this time.



 Activate License.

  1. From the computer desktop, click on the CLIENT Tool icon to open the DQNB Client software. When the software opens, select ACTIVATE LICENSE from the bottom of the screen.



  1. Please find the license key on the flash drive and move it into a folder on the computer.
  2. Under ACTIVATE LICENSE window, select KEY FILE, and then click BROWSE.

         Navigate to the location where the license key file can be found.


  1. Click OK .


 Generate Documents

  1. Return to the main menu of the DQNB and press THE NOTEBOOK GENERATOR.



  1. This page should show customer and instrument information. Under OTHER INFORMATION, select multiple sample measurement and accessories by clicking on the names.
  2. After you enter all the information needed, click GENERATE DOCUMENT, then SAVE. A pdf document will be generated for printout.

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What is the DQNB, and What Does it Do?


The HunterLab Digital Qualification Notebook (DQNB) is an industry 4.0 digital workflow enabled software solution designed to facilitate simplified user creation of a comprehensive Validation and Compliance “Qualification Notebook” for HunterLab instruments. Generating easy to follow step-by-step instructions, DQNB provides instrument and application-specific IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols and documentation that are used to validate proper instrument installation and performance for the intended application.

The DQNB software incorporates a simple user interface that allows a user to input their company information, select their sample type(s), and select any accessories that they purchased with the instrument that will be used for color measurement of their samples. In a few easy clicks, the DQNB Document Generator uses these inputs to generate the appropriate Validation and Compliance notebook, which can be printed out, placed in a binder and used to document the IQ, OQ and PQ processes.

The Foundation for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Customers in highly regulated industries like food and pharmaceutical are familiar with the need for thorough validation of equipment and processes as part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Validation is a valuable tool in the design, development, and production of all products, and plays a vital role in defining the success of a product in both technical and economic terms.

HunterLab has been at the forefront of helping their customers validate their HunterLab instruments and equipment to achieve regulatory compliance in many industrial markets, and has helped many customers in non-regulated markets to build their quality control process on a solid foundation.

Whether you have purchased a new instrument, have recently had your instrument serviced or updated, or have simply moved your instrument to a new location, DQNB provides everything you need for initial and ongoing instrument validation.

HunterLab Validation and Compliances Solutions

HunterLab offers several solutions for Validation and Compliance of HunterLab instruments and software, including DQNB, and customized professional onsite validation services.