Aeros Reflectance Validation

Instructions for Validating your Aeros using EasyCal:

1. Insert the EasyCal Tile Set USB drive into the Aeros

2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Aeros screen to configure the color data table to display L*a*b* values and use the D65/10 illuminant observer


3. Record the current position of the horizontal arm, then move the arm to center it over the turntable by moving the sensor head to the 0 position – (after completing the series of measurements for the test, ensure you move the sensor head back to its original position before measuring your product)

4. Click back onto the gear icon and select ‘Diagnostics’


5. Select ‘Validate’


6. Select ‘OK’ and ‘Browse’ to look for license key



7. Once your license key is selected, enter your company information. This will be used by HunterLab to contact you in the event your tiles fail


8. Check the ‘Select/Clear All’ button under Select Standards to ensure all four tiles will be measured


9. Click the ‘New’ button on the bottom left corner to begin measuring

10. Enter the name of the technician performing the test


11. Press ‘Start’ and then ‘OK’ to begin standardization and follow along with the prompts beginning with the instrument white tile







12. After standardization, remove the standardization box and insert the black puck found in the middle of the EasyCal tile kit into the aperture of the turntable and place the EasyCal white tile on top of the puck to begin measuring

    • There will be 5 measurements of each tile, be careful not to move tile until the screen prompts you


13. Repeat for the remaining 3 tiles






15. Click on ‘Export’ or ‘Print’ for your certificate



For more information click on these links:

Aeros Users Manual


Print EasyCal Instructions:

Agera Reflectance Validation

Instructions for Validating your Agera using EasyCal:

  1. Before beginning the validation process,
    • The instructions below assume that the user is familiar with the instrument and has working knowledge of instrument configuration and operation.  Please refer to the User Manual for detailed operating instructions prior to proceeding.
    • Configure the color data table to display L*a*b* values and use the D65/10 illuminant observer. Select the 1"/25mm port plate (MAV) and UV Nominal.
    • Standardize your instrument using its standardization tiles.
    • Refer to the instrument User's Manual for Standardization and Instrument Setup instructions.
  2. Open the EasyCal Verification Submission form by clicking this link:  
    EasyCal Instrument Validation Data Submission Form
  3. Fill in your test site information.
  4. Locate the instrument serial number on the back of your instrument and enter it exactly as it appears on the label.
  5. Find the TileSet ID on top of the EasyCal Tile Set box and select it from the drop down list
  6. Begin the measurement process by following the directions on the EasyCal Validation form.
  7. Start with the white tile:
  8. Hold the tile by its edges.
  9. Position the tile in the middle of the port plate, ensuring the indentation on the tile aligns with the marking on the port plate (forward towards the screen).
  10. Click the "Read Sample" button.
  11. Record the measurement values for later entry or enter the measured values directly into the form.
  12. Continue measuring and recording the values of the remaining tiles as directed by the form, following the same procedure as with the white tile.
  13. After measuring all tiles, the process is repeated for measurements of the four tiles, starting again with the white tile and continuing with the other tiles.
  14. Once you have completed and entered all measurements, submit your results to HunterLab for review and approval by clicking the "submit" button in the EasyCal Instrument Validation Data Submission Form.
  15. Upon successful verification (PASS), you will receive an email from HunterLab containing your certificate (PDF Form).
  16. HunterLab will contact the user listed in the form if any problems are found with the submission or the validation is unsuccessful (Fail).

For more information click on these links:

Agera User Manual:

Agera User Manual


EasyCal Instructional Video:


ESSENTIALS Family of Instruments Video: